5 Steps to Building a Brand with Heart

April 8th, 2015

So, how do you do it?

HEART&MIND® Branding is all about bringing the heart to life in everything you do.

Everyone wants to ignite passion amongst the people in their business, but few tell you how to do it. Because we have been bringing the heart to life in businesses for more than twenty years, people always ask us how we do it. Well, here you go, our 5 Stages of HEART&MIND Branding. And, yes, it all happens in this order:

  1. Find Your Heart – It’s all about finding your “story behind the story.” This is far more than your “why,” so be prepared for some soul searching. Your power is in your scars, not your crowns.
  2. Create Your Message – You have to be able to put your heart into words, using language that connects heart-to-heart. That’s the only pathway to the mind.
  3. Develop your Image – People get most of their communication cues from pictures, so you want to make sure that the images that surround your brand communicate the message of your heart. Anything else is “off brand.”
  4. Determine Your Actions – We define a brand simply, with two words: The Promise and The Experience. At this stage, develop the actions, the experiences, that you can own and be very deliberate about it.
  5. Establish Your Systems – Consistency is what makes a brand a brand. It makes it lasting. So figure out what is working and create systems that you can repeat. That’s valuable leverage.

This is the time-tested HEASLEY&PARTNERS process that crosses industries, cultures, countries and just about everything else. We know because we’ve worked with clients, given talks, and coached executives and entrepreneurs around the world. The heart resonates because first and foremost, we are all one thing and that’s… human.