Are You Sharing Information¦Or Sharing Your Brand?

June 19th, 2014
Author: Kathy Heasley

HEART&MIND® Branding is all about bringing the heart to life in everything you do. That goes for those mundane “mind-based” activities of business too. When we can envelope the everyday communications we send or speak in the heart, they become more than routine communications, they can become what we call “moments.” Anyone can convey information.  And too often people think that’s the purpose of posts, emails, letters, speeches, and conversations.  But oh, communication is so much more than that!  Particularly if you want to win in business and in life. Your personal communications are your brand both written and verbal, online and offline.  So make them good.

So here’s a little HEART&MIND Branding homework assignment.  Take a look at your communications last week, as many as you can, and ask yourself:

1.  Did I do more than just provide information?

2.  Did I put my heart into what I was communicating?

3.  Did I use words that people can understand and connect with?

4.  Did my communication come across genuinely?

5.  Was my communication meaningful to my audience?

6.  Was my communication different from others in my industry?

7.  Were the responses I received verbal, written, online and in body language positive and inviting?

Content matters, but delivery of that content speaks volumes about who you are, what you stand for and what you hope to achieve. Next time you need to make that big speech, write that report, post on Twitter or leave a note for someone, think about your own personal brand and make every communication an opportunity to reinforce it.  Brands are built moment by moment the little things matter!