Branding Pop Quiz: Is Your Business Breakthrough Brand Ready?

April 25th, 2014

There’s a lot of clutter out there. And there are a lot of competitors vying for the number one spot the breakthrough spot that makes everyone else in the category also-rans. Like Starbucks in coffee. Southwest Airlines in the skies. And Whole Foods in natural grocers. Who’s number two in any of those industries? Who cares. These are the companies setting the pace and the bar. They used branding to breakthrough in their categories. How did they do it?

Plenty of leaders we work with want to break through. They want to infuse heart into their companies. They want to be number one. The question really is, can they? Over the years, we have developed this neat little quiz that quickly tells us if a leader and his or her company has the stuff it takes to become number one. Test yourself. If this sounds like you, there’s time to change and you must  to truly realize your potential and break through. Be honest!

  1. Is your company’s vision on the wall, but nobody can tell you what it is? Great companies have visions and missions that are lived every moment. What’s holding yours back?
  2. Does your company continually invent a new message on a whim? Your task is to find the right message just one and reignite it with everything you do.
  3. Does your company think of marketing as a promotion and deals to target markets? Marketing is relating and communicating with human beings. See markets as people and your results will improve.
  4. Do your company’s marketing and messaging strategies change every quarter, every month, maybe with every communication? No one is hearing or believing in you. They haven’t had a chance. Not even your own internal audiences or you.
  5. Does your company believe that its audiences are somehow beneath them? Get to know your audiences as people and you’ll find they have much to teach you. They are human beings who carry their own stories and have needs just like you.
  6. Is your company constantly searching for the one ad, the one direct mail campaign, the one person, the one product that will assure your immediate success? Humans are not moved to action that quickly, and if they are momentarily, it is not for any sustained period of time. The only silver bullet is heart and that takes time.
  7. Does your company seek to communicate solely through headlines? This disregards any and all other touch points you have with your audiences. There are more of those than there are headlines.
  8. Is all the feedback you receive about your company from internal sources? It’s time to get out of your own skin.
  9. Is your company always looking for the right sales people instead of inspiring and equipping the sales people you have? Perhaps you already have the right sales people.
  10. Do the people at your company see their jobs as work a task to be done on the path to retirement? Vocation can be avocation if the work has meaning, and all work has meaning.

How did you score? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have opportunity to improve your business and how it communicates with its audiences through HEART&MIND® Branding. As we’ve experienced many times over, success can happen in spite of many shortcomings. But it doesn’t tend to last without eventually tackling the challenges and doing the work that makes great companies great. No time like the present!

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