Case Study

Complete Nutrition

Transforming a Transformation Business

Complete Nutrition is a vitamin and sports nutrition retailer that enjoyed early and massive success as a franchise. Stores opened in markets and were met with near-instant profitability, rare for a new business.

But as the industry began to grow, the increasing numbers of players in the sector began feeling the competitive pressure and consumers’ preferences began to shift. All this created a perfect storm of change. HEASLEY&PARTNERS was brought in to help the company redefine itself and better compete in this changing landscape.


Complete Nutrition wasn't short on heart. Early interviews with the home office team demonstrated that the reason they got up in the morning was because they knew that they were helping people transform their lives.

Every day, people would walk in to a Complete Nutrition store, hopeful that maybe something or someone could help them lose weight, get healthy, build muscle, stay in shape and more. Behind these physical desires were the emotional challenges that led these people to where they were. Many people in the company had transformed their own lives, so they knew the power and freedom that getting healthy and strong brings to everyday life. They loved the fact that they were doing that for people in their stores.

The challenge was that this spirit of transformation was not present in all the stores. The best stores and the best consultants in those stores knew that the key to success was helping people, not selling to them, but not all. As HEASLEY&PARTNERS began visiting stores it became very clear that the Promise of transformation was not living up to the in-store Experience. It was time to get the entire system on the same page—the heart page—that we knew would launch the company to greater success. But, we weren’t naïve. We knew in a franchise system change isn’t ever easy.

The first thing we did was interview as many people one-on-one as we could. Then we took that information and assembled a key group of leaders inside and outside the organization, at all levels to serve as the brand development advisory group. These twenty-four people attended a three-day workshop in which we determined the key attributes for this new brand. 


With this well-founded insight, we were able to go back to our offices and develop the key messaging for Complete Nutrition.

As part of the work, we made sure we hit on the most important message media that the company uses day in and day out. That way the messaging was instantly usable by their internal marketing team. From this work, we began the work of indoctrinating the internal team first, then the franchisees and finally rolled it out to consumers. That was not a quick process, but we knew if the Promise and the Experience were to measure up to each other, there would be no shortcuts.


The marketing team quickly began preparing for the roll out by taking new photos and establishing a brand look that was consistent with transformation.

We discovered along the way the image that this brand and only this brand could own. An important milestone in image development. We worked to ensure that the brand was coming to life inside and eventually outside the company.



Few things are as powerful in a franchise organization than the company’s annual franchisee convention. And Complete Nutrition was no different.

HEASLEY&PARTNERS produced the company’s annual meeting by treating it as a brand-building, culture-building medium, not an event. Sure we helped the company share information, but that was about 10% of the value. The other 90% was creating unforgettable experiences, “Moments” that people felt in their heart. And there were plenty from the transformation contest and the videos about the winners, to the heart-felt speeches by those whose lives Complete Nutrition has changed for the better. The best store consultants were stars who set the example for others. This one medium, this one three-day event began transforming a system by leaps and bounds


Complete Nutrition also needed to enhance the Experience inside the stores to more effectively respond to the changing market and the changing consumers.

That meant a whole host of systems became top priority and the right team members were brought on to accomplish the tasks. The in-store changes were, as expected, the most difficult. But the overarching brand message—the why behind the what—helped people understand that the systems changes were not arbitrary. They were necessary to accomplish the brand mission that everyone had agreed to in that workshop and in the interviews.


It was not easy, but today, Complete Nutrition is experienced double digit same store sales growth. The company remained true to its heart and did the hard work of its own transformation. Now nearly all the stores are helping people not selling to them and the business results speak for themselves. The company that transforms people lives for a living, successfully transformed itself.


  • Brand advisory services to Cory Wiedel, founder & CEO
  • Brand advisory services to Ryan Zink, president
  • Brand advisory services to Rhonda Gerrard, VP of marketing
  • Production of Annual Franchisee Convention
  • Internal culture building and video production