Case Study

Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream

The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Success

HEASLEY&PARTNERS worked with Jim Houtz on this book about taking your small entrepreneurial business into the stratosphere. This powerful book is a follow up to Jim’s earlier book, Seize the American Dream, co-authored by Kathy Heasley, published in 2002 and developed by HEASLEY&PARTNERS.

Jim has decades of experience as an entrepreneur, successful CEO, angel investor. He was the founder and CEO of CyCare, a company that virtually invented electronic record keeping in health care. What started as a data processing company in the 1960’s became a New York Stock Exchange technology company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Jim had a great story to tell, full of wisdom and directives. And that was the problem. Jim is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, skill and opinions about how to run and grow a company. And he communicates like a CEO, direct and to the point. Of course! He’s been one all his life. But there’s a difference between taking direction from a CEO for whom you work for, and reading a book by one. We needed to take Jim’s wealth of knowledge and transition it into stories with lessons that readers would embrace and follow.


Jim’s an entrepreneur and will always be an entrepreneur. He is an inspiration to all of us who dream of starting something from scratch and growing it into a something big.

He did this. He made it and his heart was completely, one-hundred percent in helping other entrepreneurs do the same. Through this success he knew the formula. He recognized the patterns. And he was bursting at the seams to get his wisdom into the hands of the many so that they could enjoy the same ride he did. The ride of the entrepreneur.



Jim knew what he wanted to say and when he says it in person, it can make for excellent leadership. The challenge is his directives don’t necessarily make for ideal reading comprehension.

The challenge with this book development project, was no different than it was in his previous book: How do we translate Jim’s exceptional knowledge and wisdom and make it understandable and applicable to the reader’s own business? Just as we did with Seize the American Dream, we took Jim’s exceptional, but brief notes and filled them in. In the course of book development, we used our own knowledge, wisdom and experience in business to relate to Jim’s lessons and teachings and round out his message. We interviewed him, pressing him for stories from the trenches that further clarified his message and brought his lessons to life.


Because Jim already had one successful book published and this one was contained the Entrepreneurship 202 wisdom guidance, we felt the imagery had to be consistent with the first book.

So we took the earlier image cues and updated them making the book clearly a Houtz book. We created the logos, the business systems, the website, the press kit and the collateral to create a total brand image experience for the readers.


Jim’s first book was picked up by universities and colleges for use in classes and we pursued a similar path with this one.

 The book itself was sent to influencers around the country and we worked with Jim to develop a social media strategy and accompanying blog that delivered know-how and provided an opportunity to get more through book purchase. We set up the accounts on and brought the book to market in both hard cover and Kindle forms.


Blogging is ineffective without a system that delivers quality content regularly.

 Through the use of the book content and a social media strategy that drove people to the blog and the website, book sales began to increase. Most important, Jim also had the commerce capabilities on his own website to sell books directly increasing his margins.




Jim had his second book, a valuable calling card and an important legacy. Through it all he has been able to help more entrepreneurs than he would have been able to help otherwise. This book and his first provided the artifact and the platform of superior credibility and wisdom for all other endeavors Jim pursued.


  • Book concept development
  • Completed manuscript
  • Marketing plan to bring the book to market
  • Social media and blogging strategy to position Jim as an expert
  • Website with blogging, forum and commerce capabilities.