Case Study

Guy Brown

Branding Far From Ordinary

Guy Brown is a man on a mission. A mission to not just defend people charged with a crime, but also to transform their lives.

As Guy says to the clients he represents, "Whatever you're doing that got you here isn't working. It's time to do something different. And if you have a sincere desire to change, I'll go to hell and back for you." He means it.


When HEASLEY&PARTNERS first encountered Guy Brown, we were in a room with an attorney by profession, but with the heart of an impassioned transformer of people.

It took years for him to discover that he could use his vocation as a criminal defense lawyer as his vehicle of meaningful change and growth in individuals. He is one man, transforming an industry and trying to get his message out to not only potential clients who he can help, but also other attorneys who will join him in his cause. Guy is a brand unto himself. We met with Guy and interviewed him at length. The sessions were often quite emotional with stories of crime and transformation that were sad and then glorious at the same time. It was clear from Guy's track record that he was, in fact, turning people's lives around through solid defense work and a compassion many had never experienced before in their lives. 


Guy is far from ordinary. He had spent the better part of a year trying to find a branding company that could capture Guy's unique way of practicing law and help them tell the world about it.

They tried several firms, but it wasn't until a web development partner recommended HEASLEY&PARTNERS that they found what they were looking for. Up until then, no one could capture Guy's passion, his heart, his sense of mission and bring it to life in words And to make things more frustrating, Guy knew his message resonated with potential clients because his referral business was growing. It was just a numbers game. He needed his message in front of more people in trouble, along with other lawyers who are a fit for his firm.


Because Guy and his way of working with people was so different, we knew his brand image could not look for feel like the typical law firm advertising.

His image was one of mentor, of guide, of believer in people. And that is what we imaged. This was a perfect branding challenge for HEASLEY&PARTNERS. Guy's "Experience" was living up to his "Promise," which is how we define a great brand. 


Guy continues to fight for people who no one else will fight for. People who’s lives are in jeopardy and who need someone who loves and believes in them. That’s Guy.

Through his genuine caring for his clients, his ability to create “Moments” in their lives, he gets through to people others have given up on. And those moments tend to cost nothing. It’s simply showing how much he and his firm care. It’s a simple as a visit, a phone call, or helping people find a job.


The court system is a system and Guy works within it. He has written the book on bringing a solid defense enveloped in the heart into all he does. That’s the driver of his success.


Guy’s firm continues to grow and serve increasing numbers of clients.  His success proves HEART&MIND® BRANDING touches people no matter where they are in life, even in prison. We also completed the company's website and online marketing plan with the help of our web development partners along with speeches for Guy who speaks frequently to groups all over the country. But the piece that says it all, is the video. It's the first in a series currently in production.



  • Brand messaging
  • Brand imaging
  • Website copy
  • Collateral materials design and copy
  • Video production
  • Continued brand advisory services