Case Study

SJS Investment Services

The Story of the SJS Difference

SJS Investment Services has a sound investment philosophy and a track record of performance. And for a lot of investment firms thats good enough. Not at SJS.

When SJS came to HEASLEY&PARTNERS, business was going great, they were growing and clients were raving. But something was missing. Being all too familiar with what major money centers are like, and how focused on performance they are, SJS focused on their business beyond the numbers and into the relationships and was looking to have that shine through in their message.

Stage Heart


Discover the Heart of SJS. What is the differentiator? People are raving, but why? Getting into the core of what happens behind the curtain is where the heart was, and that is where we found our answer.

To discover the heart of SJS, we talked to people inside and outside of the company.  What makes SJS different?  What is it like to work for them and to work with them? From their front desk to the people they serve, the answer was clear. SJS truly lives by one thing - put others before self.  Along side investing and business as usual, the folks at SJS have a genuine interest in the people that walk through that door.  It's about seeing the people and the lives attached to the money they're trusted with.  When they say things like, "We worry so you don't have to", they mean it.  Their actions go beyond their clients and spread into the community.  SJS gives back, and is passionate about helping their clients give back, too. SJS puts others first. It's a lifestyle. So, now that we uncovered their heart, it's time to communicate it.

Stage Message

SJS knew they were doing things differently, and the results were speaking for themselves... but what are the words that will speak just as loud?

We discovered the genuine SJS, and from there came the foundation for their messaging.  They put others before self. Nothing in their existing messaging really talked about that.  There was plenty of what they do and how we they do it, yet their culture, their savvy, their small town values and their heart for educating and serving their clients all remained behind the scenes.  That's when their new tagline, "You Come First, All the Time, Everytime," was born.  Now, their culture, attitude and the most meaningful of all, their Promise to their clients take center stage.  Then they were ready for the image that shows the real SJS.

Stage Image

After establishing the message, SJS had a foundation to establish a strong image that conveys the real people behind the scenes, and the real people they serve.

It was important to sustain the major money market professionalism and keep communicating small town values with their image. They're a reputable authority in their industry, landing at the top of investment firm lists and serving clients far beyond their Ohio stateline. We kept that front-of-mind as we unveiled the warm, more human direction for the photography and portrayed a feeling of trust, teamwork and confidence throughout their photo library. So remember all of those people we talked to in the beginning? From the front desk, to their clients, we put those smiling faces on the website, their brochures and throughout their materials.

Stage Actions

Actions speak louder than words. We've all heard it, and SJS lives it. But now they've got the words to go with their actions.

SJS has always been in action. They give back to the community, their client relationships are strong and they help their clients give back, too. We brought their heart to the foreground and established a message and image that encapsulates their brand, everything finally aligns. Now that their heart is evident and their actions show, we have the strongest statement of the Promise being equal to the Experience. This is when The HEART Effect takes place. SJS felt their heart coming to life, and the missing piece was found.

Stage Systems

To keep SJS heading full speed ahead, we incorporated their new brand into their systems. This is how they keep their Heart beating.

We used everything that we discovered to help head into the future with confidence and a strong identity. We set SJS up with the tools they need to carry out their heart in the company with the same dedication and consistency that they use to carry out their financial processes. Systems are crucial because they are the key component of the Experience.  That's how the Promise manifests.

Today, no matter how big they grow, how many markets they enter or how many clients they serve... you can count on the people at SJS Investment Services to put you first, all the time, everytime. Not because they have to, but because it's the SJS way of life.


- Scott Savage