Case Study

Morrison, Clark & Conover

Constructing a Brand

Morrison & Associates was a prominent accounting firm that has established a solid reputation in Arizona for the work that they do.

They are construction accounting experts and work with many of the firms that have built Arizona and made it strong. When Scott Morrison, founder, decided to take on new partners, he recognized that the time was right to take a look at how he and his team were presenting itself to the outside world. They realized it was time to take a fresh look at their brand and they hired HEASLEY&PARTNERS to help.


The first thing that became clear was the need for a name change that communicated the presence of new partners.

There wasn’t much creativity required here, largely because professional firms like accounting firms operate under strict guidelines. So Morrison & Associates became Morrison, Clark & Conover. Our next step was a deep dive to discover the heart of the organization and that meant interviewing their team. We discovered that this organization was strong in their beliefs of doing the right thing and making businesses work hard for their founders, employees, and other stakeholders, not just the other way around. What we discovered was while the company enjoyed and was proficient at doing the classic accounting work of financial statements and taxes, the company was the most excited when they could help a business owner effectively set up the business as a tool to provide a good life and a valuable legacy to all involved. 


When we discovered this fact, we knew we had to bring it to the forefront. This was the Genuine heart of Morrison, Clark & Conover.

That meant we needed to give this a brand name that people could understand and develop messaging around it that people would embrace. Messaging that was easy for the company itself to communicate to the people they serve and the people they wish to serve. That was the catalyst for what is now known as Full Circle Accounting. Full Circle Accounting is a philosophy and a process that Morrison, Clark & Conover now own. And they are the only firm in the world that can stake this claim. From this foundation, HEASLEY&PARTNERS developed additional messaging that spoke to the services the firm provides and in essence gave the firm its message platform. 



This brand required a new identity, new business systems and new photography that showed the high touch, warm way that the company does business.

It’s a highly personal organization built on relationships and the imagery needed to demonstrate that. We also made sure to develop a graphic that helped people understand the concept of Business, Life & Legacy—how it works and how it can work for them. Deliverables included all graphic elements, color palettes, type standards, brochures, website design, interior and exterior signage presentation templates, everything a firm needs to transition to a new brand.


HEASLEY&PARTNERS put the wheels in motion and provided all the brand materials. From there the company grabbed the baton and ran with it by launching the brand at an off-site meeting and keeping the brand language alive in all they do.

They live the brand through their actions, which is the best way to build the brand-culture connection. Morrison, Clark & Conover has hit it out of the park when it comes to infusing the brand and the culture as one. On the outside, the partners and others if the firm feel confident actively talking about Full Circle Accounting. They understand how it helps business owners and believe in its power. 


Accounting firms that are successful are all about systems. But it is amazing how few have systems for communications.

With their new brand, Morrison, Clark & Conover set us a system for blogging and for maintaining brand integrity in all they do. They also set up systems for compiling the Full Circle Accounting brief, which guides business owner through the path of Business, Live and Legacy.


Creating their brand Morrison, Clark & Conover have made great strides in business growth both through increased opportunity and increased awards. The firm is also getting more of the kind of work that they love. They attribute it to looking more credible online, and making the work they do more understandable. They also believe the image work makes the people in the firm more approachable—and that matters.  Growth continues and the firm believes they are just getting started.


  • Messaging development
  • Logo and identity package development
  • Photo standards, photo shoot direction and photo editing
  • Collateral material development
  • Website development
  • Content marketing system standards