Case Study

Rich Dad Company


There is perhaps no person more passionate about helping people get rich than Robert Kiyosaki.

The reason he wants everyone to be rich is because it’s becoming harder and harder to remain middle class and survive. If you’re not rich, you are quickly becoming poor. Robert’s controversial, outspoken and often inflammatory. That’s who he is. But his message is one of love and caring for others who have been denied the financial acumen to survive in our modern day world. This HEASLEY&PARTNERS discovered is the heart of who this man is. He’s made it his life’s work to enlighten the masses to the truth about money, finance and in effect, survival in the new century. It was time to tell the world--including the millions of followers--that this brand stands for something much bigger, much more global, much more critical. It was a branding challenge of the largest proportions.


Robert Kiyosaki has a large voice. He is a good writer, is well read and has his definite opinions. Our job was to link his strong voice to a new brand platform much larger than real estate investing.

The message had to be about financial education and getting smarter about money, the world and life. Through the course of several years, HEASLEY&PARTNERS helped Robert and the Rich Dad Company expand its message and deepen its story. The pinnacle of the exercise was the I Am the Rich Dad Company, authored by Kathy Heasley and written from the heart,  that set the tone and messaged the brand. Today, I Am The Rich Dad Company is published in at least 30 different languages. It is recited by attendees at CASHFLOW Club events around the world and has become the de facto embodiment of the brand. Around the world people who believe in Robert’s teachings feel a part of this company and brand. 



This broader focus and more heart-based message called for an update to the brand image.

Using outside sources and internal designers, the company updated its graphics with new logo, photographic style, book cover designs and more. The result was a more relevant, modern image that connected with people who are wanting to get smarter about money. Instantly the brand was up to date and began garnering renewed credibility.


Robert and the Rich Dad Company are known for their workshops and particularly Robert’s three-day intensive seminars.

They are true experiences that are unforgettable to anyone who attends. With the new, modern brand the mission was to roll out the new materials during one of the three-day events. And in the process make sure that the theme of the event took on a broader more relevant tone. The result was an audience that not only saw the new logo and brand look, but also understood the context in which it was created. This took the entire exercise out of “pretty picture mode” and squarely placed it into “purposeful change” that everyone embraced. 


The Rich Dad Company is a global brand with many arms. Systematizing the new brand image was not easy.

The goal was to first work with the key partnering companies and then through them move to the smaller advocates of the brand. The company also became active on social media and that helped spread a broader, more relevant message. These efforts became systematized with monthly live chats on Twitter, regular video webcasts, etc. all designed to build continuity. 


Through this launch of Rich Dad 2.0 Robert Kiyosaki enjoyed a renewed relevance. Subsequent books became best sellers all without harming the performance of the long running best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert also launched a radio program through Sirrius XM that is extremely successful. A feat that without this new relevance would not have been possible. He’s now reaching new audiences that need to understand the importance of money and financial education in their life. And he’s enlightening them in his always entertaining and forthright way.


  • Branding  & Foundational Messaging Brief including the Brand Essence
  • Brand advisory services to Robert Kiyosaki
  • Brand advisory services to Kim Kiyosaki
  • Book development and ghost writing