How to Create Apple-like Loyalty in Your Small Business

March 14th, 2016
Author: Kathy Heasley


When you think of Apple’s brand, you probably think of their innovative products, their tech-savvy employees and their massive following. You likely know more than a hand full of people who swear by one or more of their products. So how does Apple get their consumers to continuously shop with them and how can your smaller business gain that Apple-like loyalty? Here’s the answer.

A big part of creating that loyalty is creating a brand, but not just any brand, one that has genuine heart. When you do that, people connect emotionally, and it’s the emotional, not intellectual, connections that keep people wanting more. We have brand development clients that we have worked with for many years. And they have customers rain on them that same loyalty and longevity.

If heart is important, then so is making sure that heart is meaningful to the people you serve. Lots of companies overlook that. They spout out what they themselves want to say and do, not what the people they serve want to hear and receive. There is an experience disconnect, and that means a competitor with a more meaningful experience can slip on in.

Finally, you must be undisputedly different. For us, it is HEART&MIND® BRANDING, a measurable, results-oriented brand development process that is completely different than anything out there. Believe it or not you can brand anything. Do you know how many people asked us (with a disbelieving up-talk tone) when we wanted to register the trademark for HEART&MIND Branding, “So what you’re saying is… you’re branding a method of branding?” Mostly attorneys, and yes that is what we wanted to do, and what we did.

Using ourselves as an example, it’s our process, but it’s also our culture. Selling more stuff doesn’t get us up in the morning. Transforming people’s lives, helping them live a life with purpose, that’s what gets us up in the morning. And it’s what we do. As a result? Our clients sell more stuff, in essence, they’re more successful and their growth trajectory takes on a new path.

Just like Apple, we have loyal clients worldwide who come to us and only us. Just like Apple, we are seldom in competitive situations. And just like Apple, price is seldom an issue because the return on investment is well worth it.

Loyalty begins with giving people something they can grasp and be loyal to. Something concise and understandable. Something they can feel and express. Something they can quickly and easily share with their friends. Because in the end, people are not loyal to businesses, they are loyal to brands. And whether or not that brand is small or large, it doesn’t matter. If we can enjoy Apple-like loyalty, so can you.