Is Your Personal Image Affecting Your Brand?

April 18th, 2016
Author: Kathy Heasley

Like it or not, our physical appearance is one of the things that defines our personal brands. When that appearance changes, it not only shakes up the brand, it can make the news. Check out this example of a brand transformation.

Want to elevate your brand? It could mean being considered for that promotion, that board position, that venture funding… It’s time to “upgrade” your image. It can be as simple as a different haircut, a new suit, or a make-up update. Your appearance is the easiest thing to change and when you look the part—whatever that part may be—you’ll naturally feel more worthy of achieving it.

So what do you want? Start with who you genuinely are—that’s beautiful, you know! Then ask yourself, “Where do I want to go?” Then change and accentuate those aspects that get you there.

Want to look more professional? Buy some professional clothing. Trim that college hairstyle to a more commanding length. Need a creative edge? Add a little flair to that cut with asymmetry, color or texture. And opt for unique details in your professional wardrobe choices.

Whatever you do, keep your transformation meaningful to the people you want to serve. The real you, enhanced to deliver your meaningful message, doesn’t mean giving up your sense of self. You are focusing it and that alone will make you different.  Individualism won’t be lost, it will be leveraged!