The Rule

September 12th, 2016
Author: Kathy Heasley

“What you have inside you, you radiate. What you give off you attract to you.” This from a book I found while doing research for a client. She stated in our interviews that when you give you get back sevenfold.

I surely believe this truth. I experience it in my life every moment. But I wasn’t sure where the factor of seven came from. Turns out there are references to it in many sources including The Old Testament, specifically the story of Cain & Abel.

HEART&MIND® Branding fits right in line with this universal truth. Think about how we seek to find the heart, that point of beauty and power within an organization, and then gift it to the world. Revealing that essence, that is what we are doing. No wonder the process, when boldly implemented has produced results seven times over and beyond.