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When You Need an Ally, You Need Alía

You're on vacation, hiking and enjoying the Mayan Ruins and oh, no! You take a fall and find yourself in dire straights in the middle of nowhere. This happens more often than you may want to think. People, all the time, have accidents while traveling, often in locations with minimal health services. That's why Alía Medflight was founded. To be your ally, and get you out of trouble, no matter where you are.

The Problem

Come up with a brand name that would be unique and memorable to people, should they find themselves injured or sick away from home. No one plans for an accident, so the company name had to be one that would be visible when searching for emergency air services. The company wanted it to start with an A, because people aren't going to scroll through long lists when someone is in danger. And the brand itself had to convey ally. Sometimes it takes a lot of paperwork and red tape to get an injured person out of a foreign country. Alía MedFlight is more than just emergency air ambulance; they know how medical transport is done. Alía MedFlight is an ally you want when your life or the life of someone you love depends on it.

The Solution

Through Heasley & Partners' proprietary Heart & Mind® Brand Naming process, tools and accompanying workshop that efficiently involves all stakeholders for maximum buy-in, we created a list of viable candidates and together evaluated them using our six key brand name characteristics. That evaluation led us to Alía MedFlight.

From there, we developed the brand logo, brand essence so that everyone could feel the brand, the importance of what they do and connect with it, rather than just comprehend it. All the other necessary brand elements that would show up in business systems, online and on the company's transport jets were part of the project scope. As was advising on online message.

Heasley & Partners created:

  • Company brand name

  • Brand essence messaging

  • Advisory services

  • Company tag line

  • Logo

  • Layouts for business systems

  • Brand guide

Brand Essence

In life, there are times of need, and then there are times of desperation. Times when the rest of whatever is going on in your life, and in the world, falls away. When the only thing that matters is what’s right in front of you. Illness, sickness and injury — these are times of need. But when they occur far from home… they are times of desperation. When you want one thing and one thing only: To get home.

In those situations, you need an ally. Thankfully, there’s Alía MedFlight. Our mission is to help people in desperate, often life-threatening, situations, to get home and receive the medical care they need. Our reliable fixed-wing fleet is staffed with experienced pilots and accredited medical professionals who fly medical missions day in and day out. Our behind-the-scenes flight operations teams work with families, governments, and medical facilities to do whatever it takes to make evacuation, rescue and emergency medical transport from just about anywhere, to anywhere, possible.

You might think this can never happen. But it can, and it does happen. Adventure seekers, vacationers, business people who travel abroad, can absolutely be enjoying life one day and find themselves in dire medical need the next. Worse yet, in medical facilities that are ill-equipped and unprepared to provide the level of treatment and care you need and expect. What do you do? Who can you count on? Who can you call? Alía MedFlight.

Insurance companies and health care providers know who to call when the people they insure or treat find themselves in desperate medical situations. They call Alía. Because Alía is reliable, cost effective and caring. Your friends and family members can do the same should the unthinkable happen. Just know Alía will get you home safely to the care you need and to the people you love. There’s really no better medicine, no better ally than that.



Your Ally. Anywhere.


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