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You can't just market anymore. You have to connect emotionally.  

It takes knowing who you are as a brand, as a company and a person. 


Do you really know who you are as a brand? Are you there yet? Are you even close? And if you can answer, "Yes," are you a brand that connects with the people you serve, or wish to serve, at an emotional level? Or is your brand a logo? A bunch of pretty pictures? Words that  talk all about you? We do this... We're committed to that... We... we... we...  Hmmm... How's that working?


Trying to communicate Mind to Mind is futile. But communicating Heart to Heart is a very different story. 

Noticing something isn't quite right?

Something isn't working. You just can't put your finger on the problem. Does that sound familiar? It's like what you're telling the world isn't resonating and you don't know why? 


Often it's because you don't know who you really are as a brand, or if you do, you aren't communicating it with heart. You have something big to share and it's struggling to get out. So frustrating. We know. We see that problem and fix that problem every day. 

Sixteen Signs that Say You Have a Brand Problem

  1. You're not feeling it

  2. Others aren't feeling it

  3. Apathy abounds

  4. There's no buzz

  5. You're moving too slow

  6. Sales are too slow

  7. You fear you're missing out

  8. You are missing out

  9. There's no belief

  10. There's no drive

  11. Everything is haphazard

  12. Nothing is consistent

  13. Everything is consistently off

  14. No one gets you

  15. No one sees you

  16. No one cares

To create and sell anything well, you first have to know who you really are, and that's brand.

This is why people call Heasley & Partners. They want to get aligned, get the right words, the right images, the right actions and create the systems to take it all to the streets. 

Whether it's a product, service, event, book, company, person when you find that foundation first, communications becomes clearer and more effective.

You're right if you're starting to feel that the days of throwing a slogan out there along with a promotion and a prayer are gone. If only it were that easy. We consumers, you consumers, all of us consumers, demand more. 

Consumers couldn't care less about you, until you prove you care about them. 

It's called Heart & Mind® Branding.
By now you get the Heart. Let's talk Mind.

Your brand experiments and inconsistencies are costing you money. Money you could be saving...
And making. 

Can you relate? 

  • Inefficiencies are costing you sales.

  • You undersell yourselves and others undervalue you.

  • You're better than how you sound and look.

  • Competitors are stealing business.

  • Your revenue isn't what it could be

  • Your revenue isn't what it should be


The list gets longer and more frustrating the longer you let your brand go. Did you ever stop to think of how much money doesn't make it to your bottom line because people just don't like your brand? We do. And we've even quantified it. People make choices based on brands all day long. Your competitors LOVE when you miss. 


Did you ever stop to think your brand has a life, it just might not be one you created?


Why let others, maybe even your competitors, create your brand for you? Maybe it's time to take control of your business by taking control of your brand. 

Maximize your marketing's effectiveness.

Marketing. Always spending, spending, spending and is the return ever enough? You know you have to market, so you shift strategy, shift media, hire a new VP, launch another research project, centralize the department, decentralize it, hire a new agency, fire the new agency... 


You've tried everything to create buzz, all the while missing what is probably the heart of your problem: There's no heart in your brand.


It's just there. And you may think you have no way of finding and communicating heart. But of course, you do. Heasley & Partners' Heart & Mind® Branding can get you on track. As executives and leaders, you have to give Marketing something awesome to work with. Or better yet, give them the resource to find it.

The heart in your brand is more than just your mission, or "why" you are doing what you're doing. 


Heart is felt, so ask yourself, do people who read or view your website feel something emotionally? The answer is, "Yes, they likely do." But is it what you want them to feel? Most likely, "No." Heart happens whether you take the reins or not. Wouldn't it be better to be deliberate about it? To create and build something that's meaningful and that people care about? 

How does Heasley & Partners brand with heart?

People ask, "How is it you can walk into a company, get a feel for it so quickly and a little while later hit a home run with whatever communications project you're handed? How do you manage to find the essence of who we are and show us how to integrate it into everything we do?"


You may not know this yet, but you need a brand that is seen, heard and felt. A brand that is embraced and alive.

Here's how we pull that off together.  

  1. Heart & Mind® Branding. First and foremost. There's no other method for brand building, culture building, business building that is as effective.

  2. High EQ. Kathy Heasley's divine creative gift. She discovers truth and defines empathy that is Genuine to you, Meaningful to the people you serve and Different than anything out there.  

  3. Our partners. Outstanding hand-selected, time-tested, experienced principal-only pros who don't bristle when we say, "It needs more heart."    

  4. We are everywhere. Worldwide, and flexible through the magic of our modern day workplace known as the virtual office. We have partners globally. 

  5. Business wisdom. Clients benefit from our decades of both heart and mind experience in a multitude of industries, economic climates, and business dynamics. We see patterns most people miss. And often can see and feel the future because history repeats itself. 

  6. We're creative business people. We live and speak the languages of both heart and mind. Few creative firms have the business sensibilities of Heasley & Partners. That's because we've worked with titans, names you'd know, and have learned from them.  

Track records matter.

Heasley & Partners has always been on the forefront. For years and years, Kathy DeGrandi Heasley and company has been building brands from small start-ups to, in many cases, really, really big firms. Doubling, tripling (or more) clients' revenues. Even turning companies with a few million dollars in sales to over a billion. That's no exaggeration. The work we do moves the bar and elevates the game. 

Here's what people like you tell us... 

Success requires Emotional Capital.

The work we do takes not just mind power, but heart power. It takes fully immersing ourselves in you, your dreams, your customers and their dreams too. What we do isn't simply written, designed, or recorded. It's created with an all-encompassing energy that bubbles up from within. There's only so much of that to go around and that's why we call it Emotional Capital. It's a valuable commodity. In essence, it's the magic that you are paying for when you hire Heasley & Partners.

You found the silver bullet to exceptional growth: The Heart Effect.™ 

If you are looking for a way to connect with the people you serve, inside and outside your four walls moving them to action, you've found it. Heart & Mind® Branding. Maybe you have a fantastic brand and you want it to rocket ship! Or perhaps your business needs more fuel. 

That energy you're wishing you could harness? Guess what? We've named it. And trademarked it. We call it The Heart Effect.

It's what happens when you find the heart of the business, wrap all the mind activities within it, and create your brand. Nurture it though our specific strategies and that energy starts to fire. It takes work, but eventually the engine burns hotter and you start attracting people. Everyone wants some of that energy you possess. People want to work for you, buy from you, invest in you. That leads to more money, sales, investments, asset value. And then, the holy grail of all branding: Buzz. People start talking and sharing and that's when the Heart Effect really takes off. The momentum becomes frenetic and it becomes your job to keep pace and keep your brand in check. 

Eliminate the mystery once and for all.

Unlocking your business success! Your true potential shouldn't be a mystery, but too often it is.  Particularly for people who haven't been part of rocket-ship company growth. It never happens solely by the numbers or on a spreadsheet. It only happens through solid business practices combined with exceptional human empathy and emotion. That's Heart & Mind Branding. That's the Heart Effect. That's Heasley & Partners. 

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