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Kathy DeGrandi Heasley

About Kathy DeGrandi Heasley

Who you're hiring...

Kathy DeGrandi Heasley is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Thought Leader with decades of success in business development, communications, marketing, brand building, public relations, publishing, video, content development and more for companies and people spanning all industries.


Franchising, consumer products and services, financial services, online, hospitality, technology, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, fitness and wellness, are just a few of the many industries in Kathy's experience arsenal.


Clients find her diversity of experience as an asset because she readily sees the patterns in a business and can apply the best practices from one industry to another. The result is unprecedented innovative thinking.

Kathy is the creative force, Founder and President of Heasley & Partners, a company she formed in 1994. Her company works with organizations globally because of her high-demand method of finding and applying emotional triggers to create a brand-culture connection, The Heart Effect she calls it, that is the rocket fuel of business growth.


Awards and accolades

Kathy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Penn State University. For her exceptional leadership, she was named a 2019 Penn State Alumni Fellow, the highest honor a Penn State alumnus can earn. It is further affirmation of her heart-based business impact and the methodologies that she uses to get there. Kathy has been recognized as an Athena Award Nominee, Phoenix Business Journal Top 25 Women in Business, 2018 Women of Achievement by In Business Magazine and other accolades.


She is the President of the Ad/PR Alumni Networking Board in the top-ranked Bellisario College of Communications, a member of the Penn State Carnegie Society and a member of the Bellisario College Alumni Society Board. One of her passions is helping students make the leap from college to the real world easier.

Thought leader, speaker and author

Through her career, Kathy has literally worked in every area of communications. In hindsight, her diversity of roles, what she thought was a path to ordinary, became instead a path to extraordinary: she is uniquely qualified to see how an entire business comes together, with brand and communications as the glue. She was featured as a contributor to the book Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul. And her Heart & Mind Branding method takes up an entire section in the book by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kioysaki called The Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich and Most Don't.  She speaks at business events globally and has helped hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of people find their heart, develop their brands, grow their businesses and live their dreams.

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