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Creativity and business smarts unite!

Get Heart & Mind wisdom.


Your brand must be Genuine, Meaningful and Different. That's how you stand out.

Let's get your Heart & Mind brand figured out so you can unleash it with everything you do. The Genuine you, everywhere... consistently. Equally important, it's you in a way that is Meaningful to the people you serve and the people you want to serve. When put in place, that will make you Different than anyone else out there. Why? Because hardly anyone thinks this way. Ever wonder why most marketing doesn't work. Herein lies the answer. We want yours to work.

• Research

• Message development

• Content creation

• Logo development

• Graphic design

• Photo/video library development

• Brand experience

• Website development

• Brand product development

• Online presence

• Brand standards and systems

• Brand immersion training

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Create brand zealots, persuasive leaders, within your company and you'll be able to get just about any initiative off the ground. Can you say competitive advantage? 

You and your team have to be brand champions. You have to look, act, speak, write and emote like leaders. You have to believe in the brand, because if you don't your customers won't either. Culture and brand are linked, so build them together.

• Present - desired state

• Gap analysis

• Story creation

• Culture development

• Personal branding

• Leadership communications

• Executive coaching

• Team coaching

• Speech coaching

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Brand Execution

The Experience of you must measure up to the Promise of you. And vice versa. Let us help you get them in line. Then we'll show you how to over deliver through "Moments" that transform people and get them talking about you.

You've got your brand so let's get it out there with a focused, deliberate, concerted effort. Communicating to the right people through the right media. This is a way of life, the nature of work. Building your brand is what companies do.

• Research insights

• Marketing strategy

• Brand experience

• Social strategy

• Video production

• Book and e book development

• Digital magazines

• Publishing

• Corporate stage productions

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Business Strategy

Build your business from the brand up with Heart & Mind Strategy sessions. We buy with our hearts, so why not factor that fundamental, physiological truth into your plans?

Make the emotional connection. Put heart into action. Create and follow a Heart & Mind plan that honors both sides of the business: Heart and Mind. You'll trigger a chain reaction known as The Heart Effect(tm), the silver bullet of significant growth. Bring Heart Effect power to your business strategy.

• Heart & Mind business plans

• Heart Effect Strategy sessions

• Start-up advice

• Brand evaluation

• Heart & Mind workshops

• Heart-based communications systems 

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