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It's said that genius lies in simplicity.

Well, you've found simplicity.

Heart & Mind® Branding. Award winning. Acclaimed. So simple. This method of finding the deeper purpose of a business, the heart, and enveloping all the mind-based activities in it is the magic of this one-of-a-kind method. It's a process from start to finish that builds your business, all of it, from the brand up. Branding happens in the Marketing Department, but to be a true rocket-ship brand, it has to happen everywhere else too.


Branding is not the icing on a cake. It's not even the cake.
It's the table the cake is sitting on. 


Too many people think that your brand is a decoration. Pretty pictures. Catchy words. Wow is that missing it! Your brand is the opposite. It's a business discipline that actually encompasses every aspect of what you do. That is, when it's done right. When it's done with heart. And with mind. Commit to this process. Magic happens.

Curious About the Heart & Mind® Branding Process?

We apply these five stages to projects, to brands, to books, to videos, to products... to everything we do. It's a universal process. That's why you get work with heart. Work that connects.
Results that build your business.



Listen, research, discover the genuine essence to drive insights and the ever-coveted big idea.




Put the heart into words you see, hear and feel. You and your team will never be at a loss for words again.

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Create the imagery that conveys the heart and message, to connect without any words at all.




Define your brand's Moments, the actions you can own. This is what people talk about; the buzz that builds business.

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Systematize and gain efficiency, consistency and asset value. This is the brand leverage that accelerates growth.

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