What people say about you is more important 
than what you say about yourself.

This truth doesn't just go for our clients, but for us too. If you're wondering if people like you have achieved results with Kathy, her team and our methods, just browse below. You can also visit Kathy on LinkedIn for more words of praise. But if you are still in doubt, why not book an "Ask Kathy" strategy session. She is so sure you'll find it valuable that it is 100% guaranteed. No risk.  


Kathy Heasley is a brilliant communications professional. As impressive as her mastery is, it is her personal convictions and integrity that set her apart. She is a talented facilitator and consensus builder. Her keen analytical mind, combined with intense creativity enable her to solve problems, and develop and execute programs that produce transformational results for organizations she works with.

—  Elizabeth Hillestad

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