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Passion led us here.



You have a vision of where your business, your brand, your career and your legacy can go.
You have a longing to get there, and you want it more than anything.
What is taking so long? Maybe you're just missing that emotional connection.

You do all the things you read about in books.

You even have good people working for you. What's missing?

The answer is creative advisors who've been there, a zillion times.

High-EQ professionals who know how to find brand insights and unleash emotion.

Heart is the magic ingredient every business, every leader values and many of them miss.

Heart drives RESULTS. 


Good thing you found Heasley & Partners.

female leader giving team members a high five with H in heart in the foreground.
Both you and your
business thrive when...

THE PEOPLE who work for you are EXUBERANT, bought in, and CARE. That creates motion, speed, efficiency, PROFITS. Could your business, your brand, your team use some of that? Heart is the game changer that will get you there.

a young business man with a dog in his arms smiling and looking at his cell phone with ea from heart in the foreground.
Both you and your business
connect when...

YOUR COMMUNICATIONS do more than inform. Your marketing messages must EVOKE EMOTION. That's the magic that moves people to ACTION. Do you think you'd stand out? Get the business? Recruit the best people? Heart again.

a hip young female photographer crossing the streets with the RT from heart in the foreground.
Both you and your business
grow when...

YOUR BRAND, is loved. A true LOVE affair with your company, your offerings and what you stand for. That's what turns your customers into your sales force. Brand LEVERAGE. That's how you WIN. What do your customers say about you? Are they in love?

Emotion, heart, comes through in all we do. That's Heasley & Partners.

Brand Strategy • Communications • Video Production • Content Creation • Graphic Design • Publishing • Speech Coaching • Copy Writing • Corporate Stage Productions • Authoring • Website Development • Social Strategy • Speech Writing • Marketing Strategy • Business Advice • Executive Coaching • Book Development • Business Strategy • Photography •  Experience Design • Culture Development • People Development


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Heart & Mind®   Branding

The method is unique. The results, powerful.


Too many people and companies make brand building, communications and marketing so complicated. Our goal has always been to simplify. And we have. Five simple stages that create brands, leaders and communications that connect with the heart, honor the mind and drive massive results. People tell us so. And we experience it. 

Cover of the Communicator magazine with Kathy DeGrandi Heasley on the cover
Read these Heart & Mind case studies.

The work we do packs tremendous power. It moves teams, prospects and customers emotionally. It can bring them to a frenzy for your business and your brand. This is how movements happen. This is how breakthrough growth happens.


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