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Because Accidents Happen

Company Nurse, a triage service for workplace injuries, was struggling to stand out in an industry that was filled with mind-based slogans, images and messaging. How many headlines that say, "We'll save your company money" can you see before you just stop seeing them? How many "modern" blurry images of doctors and nurses with stethoscopes, arms crossed, looking smart and confident can you see before they all look alike? Company nurse was no different. That was the state of affairs when we started and rest assured, Heasley & Partners changed all that.


Company Nurse wanted to break out and demonstrate not just their ability to help injured workers, but also their innovations and leadership in the nurse triage industry that they created decades ago. They wanted to gain more selling opportunities and increase their market share overall. The challenge was, they just weren't breaking through the clutter of the industry. They weren't getting the chance to win. Another problem was that when a

Logo before the Heasley & Partners rebranding

workplace injury occurred, employees would forgot about calling Company Nurse and would head right to the ER. That could be expensive if the injury was minor. And dangerous if the employee just shakes it off only to find later the injury was serious. Company Nurse needed to make sure employees remembered to call them first so a trained, licensed nurse could direct them to the appropriate care. Their current multi-lingual workplace communication materials weren't doing the job.

The Solution

Heasley & Partners went to work learning as much as we could about workers' comp. Not the most glamorous of industries, but vitally important to any business or organization. Imagine, for example the workers' comp claims that can occur in firehouses, police departments, schools, factories. Injuries could be as simple as a minor cut, to one that's life-threatening. All of a sudden workers' comp wasn't dull. The industry was just communicating it in a dull way.

Through our Heart & Mind® Branding interviews, and research, we discovered that the brand needed to be completely revamped if the company had any hope of breaking

through. The companies that work with Company Nurse love the service. But it was clear the brand was not communicating their innovation, caring nurses, and follow-up. The Promise wasn't living up to the Experience. We also learned the message needed simplified and livened up to be remembered an embraced.

The big idea was this: we people do things all the time that we shouldn't, and we get hurt. We're not careful with a hammer, we go one step too high while climbing a ladder, or we carelessly trip and fall. Why not show these "accidents waiting to happen" moments in a clever way? To remind workers to adhere to workplace safety and make them laugh a bit? This was the heart connection, and a heart connection is a lasting one. That's what will make employees remember to call Company Nurse first when an injury happens. Let's simplify the

messaging, while we're at it, to the heart-filled, friendly, approachable multi-lingual basics.

We simplified the message to Accidents Happen. Call Company Nurse First. That message

resonated both for companies seeking nurse triage services, and for their employees in the workplace. To get the brand across, what could be better imagery than old silent movies? They're full of physical comedy with people doing things they shouldn't. Additionally, we needed a way to place the employee in the mix. To humanize the communications and set Company Nurse apart. That's why we created the emoji library.

Heasley & Partners created:

  • Brand logo

  • Tagline

  • Brand messaging

  • Brand essence

  • Custom illustrated emoji library

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Marketing materials

  • Sales presentations

  • Sales videos

  • Bi-lingual training videos

  • On-hold messages

  • Brand music and brand voice over

  • Workplace posters and phone stickers

  • Stage production for the brand launch party

  • And more...

Company Nurse did it up right by throwing a "1920's movie screening" themed launch party. The top-secret brand was revealed to applause! Event video interviews showed employees were all in. The following week, Heasley & Partners completed the work by holding several brand immersion workshops. Employees learned the new brand standards and practiced

speaking the language and working with the new visuals. The Company Nurse employees were so excited by their new, fun and embraceable brand that they did just that. Embraced it painting and posting emojis and classic "accidents waiting to happen" moments all over their office. At last, they had the brand that was truly genuine to who they are, meaningful to the people they serve and different--by far--to anything else in the industry.

The results included an immediate increase in industry buzz. Even competitors were talking about it on social media. More leads and more selling opportunities, just as planned. And yes, that led to more companies and people calling Company Nurse first. Watch the brand launch video here!


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