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Want Some Heasley & Partners Eye Candy?

Of course, branding is developing logos and all the related materials. That's the Image stage of the Five-stage Heart & Mind Branding process. (Do you know what the Five Stages are?) Here's a quick review. First find your Heart, then put it into words, a Message. Next create the Images that reflect the words. Then, develop the Actions around your brand that get people talking and last, create Systems so your brand is consistent and daily execution is efficient. Simple right?

Well, here's a look at some Eye (Image) Candy! One thing you'll notice... Heasley & Partners doesn't have "a look" like so many other firms where everything looks kind of similar. Not so... here, everything looks like it's supposed to look for YOU. For YOUR company. For YOUR brand. We don't design for us; we design for YOU.

(Note... want to take a closer look at any of these brands? Just click on the image!)


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