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Introducing America's History Teacher and His Wild World

How does a University of Dayton history professor with decades of experience keep doing what he loves after he retires from his hallowed university halls? And make money doing it? Well, first he becomes a New York Times Best Selling author. Second he keeps writing books and third, he hires Heasley & Partners to develop the brand for his next big venture: The Wild World of History.


Professor Larry Schweikart taught to standing room only classes for thirty years. He penned the best selling book A Patriot's History of the United States. A massive volume with hundreds of thousands of copies in print, universities using it as classroom texts and legions of followers--many famous--who consider it the bible of the American experience.

Professor Schweikart wanted to do more than write books and provide historical perspective on Fox News, CNN and others during election years. He wanted to make this important history content and his facts-based, conservative perspective on it available to more people, especially to the many young people who, studies show, are lacking in historical knowledge and understanding. How could he make a bigger impact on the next generation of Americans?


What a fantastic opportunity! To sit in a room with Larry Schweikart and listen to his wealth of knowledge, let alone his frequent interjections of little-known, downright unbelievable facts about historical events. And it wasn't just us. That's what our research showed. Everyone wants Professor Schweikart as their dinner guest because this stuff is interesting! That gave us an idea that our further research confirmed. History is not and should not be boring. History is a wild ride and when presented that way, people discover it is the story of us, and people love it.

Through our Heart & Mind® Branding process we discovered the emotional heart

Prof. Larry mugging for the camera during our shoot.
Prof. Larry mugging for the camera during our shoot.

connection, the big idea for Professor Larry Schweikart: Home school moms were eager for a effective and engaging history curriculum they don't have to research and cobble together from multiple sources. They want history lessons that are complete so they don't have to worry about their kids passing standardized exams and getting into college. They wanted a curriculum that implies the American values they want for their kids. And they want room for fun.

Introducing the Wild World of History with America's History Teacher, Professor Larry Schweikart.

Yes, history has a wild side and through the development of this brand, Professor Larry is rapidly becoming the most popular history teacher in America. Check out the video.

Heasley & Partners developed:

  • The brand concept, brand name, message and tone, graphics and content for the Wild World of History website.

  • Sub-brands like "Wild Moments in History" and "History has a Wild Side" that further define this brand get people talking.

  • Photography brand standards, unique photo styling and photography.

  • Video standards and production for the history curriculum's video lectures.

  • Promo videos for use at conventions, online and for digital marketing.

  • Curriculum materials including student learning guides, teacher's guide, How to Teach History manual, and more.

  • Social media outreach strategy using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Email marketing campaigns to engage homeschoolers and promote products and VIP membership.

  • Event marketing that eventually, due to the quality of Wild World of History, landed a lucrative partnership with the Great Home School Convention organization.

Curriculum sales are growing at a double-digit pace and VIP membership is growing exponentially as well since launch. Marketing and outreach efforts continue to ramp up and we won't stop until Professor Larry achieves his dream, truly becomes America's History Teacher and makes some history of his own.


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