Stage 1 Stage 1

The HEART of your business isn't just about why you do what you do, and it's certainly not about what you do. It's deeper than that. Your power and the power of your brand is the story behind your story. Let HEASLEY&PARTNERS get to know you, your company, your team and find your story, your heart.

Stage 2 Stage 2

We buy with our hearts and justify with our minds. Once you feel your brand, the right MESSAGE helps others feel it too. They connect. HEASLEY&PARTNERS can put your heart into words, perhaps for the first time. You'll have the lexicon of your brand, the basis for your image and the foundation for your culture.

Stage 3 Stage 3

Your IMAGE speaks louder than words, so that means it needs to speak the right words, your brand's words. Logo design, photographic direction, video production, website, all of it must work together to build a picture of your heart, but more importantly, convey a feeling. Let HEASLEY&PARTNERS create the emotional image triggers that are unique to your brand.

Stage 4 Stage 4

People think that a brand is all about the image, but it's the experiences, the ACTIONS that get people talking. And working for you. Too many leaders miss this truth: to build a breakthrough brand you MUST have a massively engaged workforce working from the heart. Brand and culture are one. Let us help you define the actions, the experiences that create The Heart Effect inside and outside your company.

Stage 5 Stage 5

What's working is worth repeating, and that's what breakthrough brands do. They implement their brand rulebook every day. Consistency isn't just good brand building, it's the secret to getting noticed, being heard and building momentum. Let HEASLEY&PARTNERS help you define the SYSTEMS that will connect the heart of your brand to the hearts of the people you wish to serve over and over again.

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OUR MISSION - To help people live purposeful lives.

HEASLEY&PARTNERS, Inc. is the Arizona-based branding company that can help you create The HEART Effect in your organization - that intangible essence that takes you from business to brand to breakthrough and beyond. Founded in 1994, HEASLEY&PARTNERS is the only company in the world with a proprietary method that connects organizations and people with the people they serve to win hearts and minds-in that order. It's called HEART&MIND® BRANDING and with it HEASLEY&PARTNERS  has been achieving results for decades.

Custom HEART&MIND Brand Development - work with the people who know what it takes to create The HEART Effect and has spent decades doing it.

HEART&MIND BRANDING Seminars - learn the HEART&MIND BRANDING process so you can begin applying it in your business.

Company Brand Development Workshops - bring your leadership team, your key players and develop your brand in three days.

Brand Coaching - work with Kathy Heasley, creator of HEART&MIND BRANDING, to find your brand and guide it to breakthrough and beyond (exclusive annual program for founders and top-level executives only).

One-Day Business-to-Brand Intensives - founders, CXOs only, bring your problems, issues and opportunities to Kathy Heasley and walk away with clarity and solutions. Very exclusive, on approval.

Become an Authorized HEART&MIND BRANDING Consultant - call us for details.

The Founder
Kathy Heasley HEART&MIND Branding

Kathy Heasley

Kathy's been doing the work of branding since 1985 for big companies, small companies and everything in between. Across all industries through all business cycles. She is the creator of HEART&MIND BRANDING, an author and speaker.

Factoid: The heart finds me everywhere I go.

Heasley Awards
Awards 2012 Winner Recognizing Phoenix area Women Who are Leading the Way in Business
Awards Athena Award Nominee Honoring Women in Business
Awards Phoenix Business Journal Featured in the Phoenix Business Journal
Awards LEA Recognition Awards
Awards Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist No More Ramen
Awards BBB Business Ethics Award Finalist
Case Studies

Over the course of 20 years and through our proprietary Five Stages of HEART & MIND BRANDING, HEASLEY & PARTNERS provides the process that takes brand development from an abstract art project or a stringent survey-based exercise to an organization-wide business discipline. Impacting the people inside your organization first and the people you serve outside the organization second. This unique way of working has helped countless companies develop their brands and grow using this proprietary method.

Here are the stories of just a few.